Why The Island?

The island as a utopian idea is a recurring motif that has captured people’s imagination throughout centuries.

From the surrealist works of Yves Tanguy and Salvador Dali to contemporary artists such as Doug Aitken, Pierre Huyghe, and Tomás Saraceno, the island has been used to create an idyllic vision of a society that is free from the constraints and complexities of the outside world.

The Island builds upon the recurring theme of an isolated space offering inspiration and aims to explore new creative possibilities for a better future.

Vision & Mission

The Island is a place where the art world can be reimagined.

The Island exists at the intersection of art and technology, and offers a welcoming and stimulating environment for artists, collectors, and audiences to connect and engage. Dedicated to exploring the potential of on-chain art, The Island is built on a foundation of traditional art knowledge and interdisciplinary partnerships. 

The Island aims to foster conversations around innovative technologies and the future of the art world. The organisation focuses on building bridges between art and tech communities as well as harnessing the development of funding and collecting models within international museums.

Curating and commissioning museum-quality on-chain art from top established artists.


A bridge between traditional and digital worlds

Through thoughtful alignment with leading institutions, The Island proposes a new model of collaboration for artists who would like to explore the potential and power of on-chain art.

At the forefront of future-facing conversations about art

The Island encourages dialogue about new ideas and opportunities within the art world. This is reflected in its collaboration with artist Stefan Brüggemann and the renowned UK-based museum Mostyn.

A space to learn about the possibilities of on-chain art

Built on the foundation of traditional art knowledge and experience within the digital realm, The Island offers artists an opportunity to learn and explore digital art, with an aim to create museum-quality projects.