H3adlines and Last Lines in the Movies


H3adlines and Last Lines in the Movies


H3adlines and Last Lines in the Movies



tefan Brüggemann is a renowned traditional artist with 30 years of continued practice. The artist is represented by the world-leading gallery Hauser & Wirth and has extensively exhibited in top galleries and museums internationally. Stefan’s works showcase a fascination with language and its power to influence and shape our understanding of the world. With a keen eye for the nuances of communication, Brüggemann’s art often features provocative text-based installations, neon light sculptures, and painted works that challenge viewers to confront their own preconceptions about language and meaning.

From his early career, Brüggemann’s work has been marked by a singular wit and a sharp critical edge, as he interrogates the ways in which language can be used to exert control or to subvert established power structures. He is a master of understatement, crafting works that are simple yet incisive, provocative yet accessible.

"The rules are always changing. They're always modified. They're always interpreted."

Headlines and Last Lines in the Movies

Headlines & Last lines in the movies (Guernica) Centre Pompidou — Paris France 2019

Started in 2010 with the opening show of Yvon Lambert’s gallery in New York, Headlines & Last lines in the movies has seen multiple iterations including the last one as a commission by Centre Pompidou in Paris 2019.

Pieces of the collection juxtapose the last lines of movies with headlines of current events, creating a dialog between fiction and reality, questioning our way to interpret references and words taken out of their context.

Eroded Paintings - Miami USA 2021

The Collection: Commission 0X1

The commission is comprised of

  • On-chain art piece available to buy
  • An immersive experience of the all the on-chain pieces produce to be displayed in a museum

Holders of the art piece will have:

  • access to the ibiza experience
  • monography book of the commission

The Museum Pieces

The museum pieces is an installation displaying the 60 pieces of the collection all at once as an immersive experience. Connected screens will show the complete on-chain collection with no context of which piece has been frozen, forcing the visitor to re-construct a possible timeline or relationship in time between the pieces

The Ibiza experience

Following the Art Basel art fair, art collectors (traditional and on-chain) and a selectionof art critics, curators and art journalists will be invited to meet at Stefan Brüggemann’sfoundation in Ibiza with the artist present on site.

The event will include:

- A Michelin star VIP dinner

- A talk between Stefan Brüggemann (Artist), Alfredo Cramerotti (Museum Director,Mostyn Gallery) and Sébastien Montabonel (Creative Director, The Island)

- The discovery of Stefan Brüggemann’s foundation designed by Mexican architect Alberto Kalach.

The book by Alaska edition

A high quality and conceptual book showing in chronological order of the 60 on-chain collections freeze date, telling the story of those 300 days from the eye of the holder and its participation in the making of the collection.Previous books published by Alaska Editions

Previous books by Alaska edition

Solo exhibition

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